population-controlIN POSSIBLY the most predictable survey of all time, the Irish Government has discovered that 90 percent of all smokers think it would be ‘tough’ to quit.
This shocking piece of news has led to calls for the powers that be to roll out more support services to help smokers kick the habit, especially as nicotine addiction causes around 7,000 deaths a year.
Call us cynical, but at a time when Ireland’s financial future looks as black as a tar-covered lung, wouldn’t it make sense to get more people hooked on fags? Not only would it boost the economy, it would reduce the population and get people outdoors more often. It’s a win-win situation.
“Research has proven that support services can play a significant role in helping people quit smoking,” said Norma Cronin, Irish Cancer Society’s health promotion manager.
“As 70 percent of smokers want to quit there is need for a comprehensive and uniform approach for stop smoking services nationwide. Such services would encourage and assist the one million smokers currently living in Ireland to quit and reduce the unacceptably high level of tobacco-related deaths.”
Somehow we don’t think Norma would be open to BBM’s proposal. If only more people in the world were as open-minded as us.