BonnieTylerDARTS: For a sport played and watched by fat alcoholics, there’s still something oddly hypnotic about top-class darts.
Yet although the game itself has barely changed in decades, Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor continues to take the sport to new heights after the unlikable legend made two nine-dart finishes in one game for the first time in history.
In an amazing display, Taylor beat James Wade 10-8 in the Premier League final at Wembley Arena.
And if the fact that the bloody thing was played at Wembley doesn’t tell you just how appealing darts has become, the fact that they’ve now got Stephen Fry doing commentary certainly should.
Joining that mental darts bloke in the media box for his first ever darts game, Taylor and Wade served up one of the greatest games in the sport’s history for a gobsmacked high.
In fact, the best bit of the night wasn’t Taylor’s two nine-dart finishes, it was the commentator yelling: “There’s nothing I can say . . . it’s a total eclipse of the darts!” followed by Fry cracking up and adding: “It’s Bonnie Taylor!”