inflatable church polandOk, so we at aren’t the most religious types, but this really takes the biscuit. Father Krzysztof, a Roman Catholic missionary from Poland, has had trouble gaining permission – and cash – to build a permanent place of worship in the Kamchatka peninsula – a 1,250-kilometre stretch located in far eastern Russia, and we’re guessing it’s probably ‘cause he’s fairly nuts. Naturally Father Krzysztof is BFF’s with a dude named Robert Wojcik, who builds inflatable toys for children in Kolobrzeg, Poland for a living, so he’s whipped him up a giant inflatable church for his congregation. So if you’re in the Polish region anytime soon and fancy a few stories about pregnant virgins, men living inside whales, and a rather popular chap taking a stroll across water then do pop down to the church shaped bouncy castle.

By Bertha Balls-Mavis