ron jeremy stripper porn star teacher jonny anglais mr garrett television xWe all know that teachers aren’t paid enough to deal with little shits every day, and often take on extra curricular jobs, but we’d suggest maybe steering away from the sex industry Mr. Garrett aka Johnny Anglais of Essex.

The 31-year-old Sir Strips-a-lot featured in a TV trailer for adult channel Television X and performed in public as a stripper and now faces being struck off the teachers register.

Mr Garrett, former head of personal social health education at the school, also owns a website where he poses provocatively in a fireman’s uniform and bondage gear.
Students told teachers they had seen a link on Facebook to a porn movie trailer featuring Mr Garrett. It also turns out that Professor Pervert has a sexual advice page on Facebook, under the name of ‘Johnny C**kfill’. Well we guess at least he’s still educating.

Jonny Anglais commented on his sexual escapades saying, “I was unembarrassed to talk about anything. I’ve told a pupil what a vibrator was.” Continuing, “I admit the evidence against me is pretty compelling, if you believe that pornography is wrong.” Erm, yes Mr. Garrett it is rather compelling, let’s hope none of his students asked what a boner is.

By Bertha Balls-Mavis