Bird Flu hits europe 2011We still don’t know how we’re expected to take these epidemics seriously when they give them such silly names like Bird Flu, Foot and Mouth, Mad Cow diesease and Pig Flu, oh whoops we meant Swine Flu. Nonetheless we digress, apparently a deadly strain of Bird Flu is set to hit Europe this Winter. Several cases of the Bird Flu virus have emerged in Bulgaria and Romania in the past few weeks, when it was thought to have been eradicated there. Jan Slingenbergh, senior officer in animal health services at FAO, said it could spread further into Europe in coming weeks when birds begin to migrate from Siberia and other parts of Asia.
‘It would appear to be an issue of growing importance,’ he said. ‘There is of course the possibility that there will be secondary spread to the UK, but I don’t think this is an area of particular concern for the moment.’

Well all we can say is if we don’t get our Turkey on Christmas Day we’ll be spitting feathers!

By Bertha Balls-Mavis