The Buxom BanditWe’ve never heard of her before, but her exploits have made her public enemy number one in our list of most wanted robbers for her ‘revealing’ information.

A woman has been caught on CCTV robbing a petrol station along Australia’s Gold Coast where she didn’t just steal $358, but she stole eyes of many men watching as she wore a very revealing top during her robbery to keep the clerk from freaking out, or just to keep his hands below his waist blatently. For all ladies reading this, she didn’t just get her boobs out, she also threatened the clerk with a knife so this woman is clearly not the marrying kind.

The woman has not been identified, but the police have nicknamed her “the buxom bandit” due to her revealing clothing. So if this is her origin, I can’t wait for her partner in crime “The Booty Bandit” to join in. Not that I’m encouraging a crime spree of course…..

By Jason Barr

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