2012 paralympic jokesSo we’ve just got over the London Olympics 2012 but now it’s time for the 2012 Paralympics to take place in London. So naturally – as we’re passionate about funny jokes, we thought we’d bring you edition one of our Paralympic jokes. We’d like to apologise in advance for the offence these will no doubt cause, but we’re sorry to say, we just don’t have souls. And quite frankly there are going to be more Paralympic jokes, so just deal with it sour pusses.

Come on Team GB!

If you can’t wait for the paralympics to start.
Tune in to ITV 1 where they’re showing Celtic playing. Andy, Broadwater

What’s better than winning a gold medal at the Paralympics?
Not being disabled. Flynn, Fitzroy

I wonder why they don’t do golf at the Paralympics.
I’m sure they would all have an excellent handicap. Mel, Chelsea

The Americans have thrown away any hopes of a medal in the Paralmpics archery event.
Their only entrant is Michael J Fox. Dave, Surry Hills

I don’t know why some people are kicking up such a fuss at some members of the England football team not singing the national anthem.
Last week, I was watching the Paralympics and some of our gold medalists couldn’t even be bothered to stand up for it. Jon, Darlinghurst

China has today announced its dream team for the approaching Paralympics, including medal favourites Fu Kin Mong, Sim Pal Twat, Wan Lim Gon, Fut Long Tung, Won Kee Eye and Mai Lef Fut. Kim, Richmond

Proud sponsors of the 2020 paralympics. Jenny, Manly

I’ve gone and upset me wife’s feminist friends again.
How was I to know that the paralympics wasn’t just for women. Dom, Newtown

Will there be specified parking spaces for the non-disabled at the Paralympics? Ivan, Greenwich

There have been a few complaints about the Paralympics, concerning the Opening Ceremony. Apparently, it’s not been planned very well.
There are only five disabled parking spaces at the stadium. Roy, Oxford Circus

I was playing the Olympics on the PlayStation and out of respect for the Paralympics, I broke two of the buttons. Ryan, Paddington

Have you seen the ticket prices for The London 2012 Paralympics?
Crippling. Jeff, Kings Cross

I heard Coldplay are to play at the Paralympics.
Just in case they weren’t depressed enough already. Chris, Runcorne

Apparently, the National Press in the UK has stated there are 4.2 million people on Incapacity/Disabled Benefits.
Paralympics is ours FUCKERS! Su, Kingston

What’s the worst thing you could do after winning the Gold Medal at the Paralympics?
Walk away with the trophy. Giles, Fremantle

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