The Birth of Christ, Via TwitterA German tweeter calling himself ‘Joseph Von Nazareth’ has caused a sensation on twitter by retelling the Nativity in 21st Century Style.

After hearing that his wife Mary had been knocked up by the Holy Ghost, @joe_von_naza tweeted that he “didn’t sleep a wink all night” and thought about leaving her.
Though afterwards he tweeted, “I’ve decided to stay with Mary. I trust her even though she can’t explain how it happened.”

The author of the tweets, who remains anonymous, has attracted over 5,000 followers since he began his story on December 1st and is now publishing in both German and English due to their enormous popularity.

Worryingly, Joseph told his followers “although I’ve reconciled with Mary, there´s still a strange silence between us. For her, the situation is not easy, too.”

Let’s hope Joe’s understanding and patience holds up – otherwise its public paternity tests and daytime TV slots for this troubled couple…

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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