Khan Loses To PetersonIsn’t it terrible when an arrogant little tosser with no class loses a fight fair and square? The answer is no, no it isn’t.

After losing to Lamont Peterson by split decision Amir Khan kicked and screamed and blamed the referee, the crowd, Lord Lucan and climate change for his inability to fight properly. Khan spent much of the fight pushing Peterson, sticking his elbow in his face, and holding him behind the head, but was somehow confused as to why the referee kept warning him to stop – and, when he didn’t, deducting points. (Actually, Khan at first admitted he’d heard the referee’s warnings, but later claimed he’d not heard them at all.)

Khan lost with scores of 113-112, 113-112, 111-114 and could have claimed a victory or draw if he’d come to fight instead of spoil. It’s obvious Khan was looking past Peterson to a fight with Floyd Mayweather, and his ego can’t handle the fact that he screwed up.

Oh, and Amir, next time you want to whinge about a referee aiding your opponent you might want to remember how Joe Cortez helped you beat Marcos Maidana by constantly stepping in when Maidana had you in trouble.

By Peter Simpson

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