Wayne Rooney's Euro Ban ReducedSpud-faced cretin Wayne Rooney has had his three game international ban reduced to two games thanks to a successful appeal, and will be available for selection for England ‘s final group game at Euro 2012.

Rooney was deservedly sent off for kicking Montenegro defender Miodrag Dzudovic during England’s final qualifier in October. However, always keen to show just how stupidly nonsensical and out of date an organisation it is, the FA leapt to Rooney’s defence to launch an appeal that they themselves would reject and further punish due to its frivolous nature.

Whereas UEFA’s disciplinary process is quite flexible, the FA’s own is a rigidly antiquated order that offers very little explanation for its actions and assumes that it deserves utter respect.

The Rooney appeal is yet another example of the FA’s ‘do as we say not as we do’ mindset. If the exact same incident had happened in a Premier League match you can bet the FA would not have been so keen to let the player off. But how dare ‘Johnny Foreigner’ decide one of our boys deserves punishment?! It’s enough to make one hurl their monocle at a swan.

Presumably the FA hierarchy hadn’t been that appalled at a decision since they found out women had been granted the right to vote.

By Peter Simpson

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