The Big Freeze: 30th Jan – When It Decides To Get Warm AgainGrab Your Uggs and Thermostats folks, as the Big Freeze is back this week with a massive impact on the British Isles. This is turning into a music festival as The Big Freeze of 2011 caused anarchy to British transport, companies and schools being shut down on numerous occasions throughout that cold spell. This week, the cold streak is set to come back as low as -10 degrees as snow starts to hit the UK today. Workers beware that last year train and bus services stopped running for several days due to the severe weather causing the roads and railway lines frozen over, with road grit not being enough to keep the snow from falling.

Parts of Wales and Hampshire have already seen snow fall overnight on Sunday evening and it is expected that the freezing temperatures will last until Thursday. Get yourselves to Homebase and B&Q for your annual Snow Shovels if you haven’t kept yours from last year as a souvenir.

It is thought that the Eastern side of England, as well as London, will be hit the heaviest, but down South we treat Snow Day how the North treat summer; a rare happy day that we can celebrate something unusual.

By Jason Barr

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