Finnair Prove Their Dancing ChopsFinland have taken their cultural awareness levels to a high, and their Eurovision hopes up as well, as they celebrate India’s 63rd Republic Day with a dancing ceremony aboard their airlines. Several dancers have taken part in the carefully choreographed dance number which was an indian dance to the tune of Deewangi Deewangi, which is also known as the Om Shanti Om dance. Helena Kaartinen, who had thought of the idea all by herself (not selfish at all), said that she linked up with her friend who is a Bollywood teacher to develop the dance. Helena said ‘It was a good way to show respect.’ She also added that it was a good way for the staff of the airline to show they understand something about the Indian Culture. Good on her, it’s more inventive than turning up to the flight with a Chicken Curry and Naan Bread, that’s basically a night down the local pub.

Whilst being popular in India and Finland, the video has become vastly popular over YouTube and has already received up to 3 million viewers as well as 7,000 likes on the site. You always need YouTube users on your side to be popular today, isn’t that right Bieber?

Watch the Finnair Dancing Clip below:

By Jason Barr

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