Basketball Becomes Paintbrush For Young Artist21st Century Art is so good that no matter what you do, you can top it with something even more whacky and inventive. I could’ve said I’ve seen everything, but before I could say that a young lady with a basketball came along and proved that for our generation, nothing is impossible! Young Shanghai artist Yi Hong created an incredible portrait of her favourite basketball player Yao Ming, using red paint and her BASKETBALL.

She uses the basketball delicately before rapidly bouncing the ball in certain areas to give the painting more depth. Maybe someone would come along and just throw a cricket ball right in the middle to give it that extra meaning.

Young artist Hong has described herself as an artist who ‘loves to paint, but without a paintbrush.’ Gasp! Painting without a paintbrush? But isn’t that like playing football with your hands? It isn’t because it’s modern art ladies and gentleman. Yi Hong has based her work around Shanghai since May 2011 and according to her Facebook page she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon ‘I Moved to Shanghai for work May 2011 and I’m loving this crazy, face-paced city!’

It’s an impressive painting, but I’d like to see her tackle Novak Djokovic; try tennis racket batting his image Yi.

Watch Yi Hong’s Basketball painting below:

By Jason Barr

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