horse with bra as blinkersSchools in China are often accused of treating their children like cattle.
Well in Thailand, it’s certainly not the case. They’re treated more like horses – as proven recently when a Bangkok university made its students wear blinkers to stop them from cheating during an exam.
The bizarre headgear – consisting of two A4 sheets of plain white writing paper attached by paperclips to a headband – was worn by nearly 100 students on Wednesday during a textile exam.
It was the brainchild of a professor with a horse fixation who was concerned that his small exam room would encourage plagiarism.
“It was for fun, relaxation and humour for the students,” Nattadon Rungruangkitkrai said while neighing and whinnying. “They said the blinkers could release stress during the exam and help them concentrate.”
Fair enough, although Professor Rungruangkitkrai didn’t explain why he also made them eat hay while he rode around on their backs wearing a cowboy hat.