Borat in mankini, front viewPssst fellas, want an anti-theft device that also makes it look like you’ve got a massive cock?
Course you do. Well, then we suggest you get into contact with Nigel Clifford, co-founder of Adventure Underwear and the inventor of a revolutionary pair of “water-proof” boxer shorts.
“Before I went travelling to South America, I was warned about pickpockets and thieves by all my friends,” said Clifford.
“One of them mentioned that women are okay because they can keep their cash and credit card in their bras but guys don’t have that option.
“So I made my first prototype pair of underwear before leaving for South America and kept my passport, cash and credit card in it at all times.”
The pants allow you to take a dip in the sea while keeping your valuables safe and dry next to your, erm, valuables. An added bonus is that none of your mates will ever ask you to lend them money, not unless they want a handful of pubes at the same time.
The lightweight briefs have two airtight pockets to store your passport, cash and credit cards, and are waterproof to 60m.
It’s not clear if you can also use the pants as an impromptu drinks mixer. Rum and coke anyone?
Perth-based Clifford, 26, said he decided to add the second, waterproof pocket when his friend’s camera was stolen on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.
He is now working on a women’s version of the Merino wool pants and hopes to have them on the market in November, just in time for summer in the southern hemisphere.
Somehow we think women might not be as interested in the idea of having a noticeable bulge in their underwear while walking around on a beach – although it’s perfectly normal in Thailand.