Poor old Brazil. Stadiums collapsing, riots in the streets, and now, in the clearest indication yet that God is seriously pissed off with their Samba stylings, the iconic statue of Jesus overlooking Rio de Janeiro has had one of its thumbs blasted off by a bolt of lightning.
Now if that’s not the equivalent of the Lord giving you the finger, we don’t know what is. Either that or Thor, the Norse God of thunder, is sending a message.
Site caretaker Father Osmar Raposo said the giant concrete figure of Christ the Redeemer that juts from the mountaintop some 710 metres above Rio’s beaches, would undergo repair this month.
We’d be surprised if he can claim insurance as if anything qualifies as an act of God, then surely it’s this.
It is understood that Brazil’s social services may step in to remove Jesus from God’s custody if the abuse continues.

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