morbidly obese greedy man covered in foodRemember that scene from ‘Free Willy’ where the whale jumps over the kid and swims off to a better life?
Well something similar happened in Saudi Arabia last month when the country’s fattest bastard was freed from his home and airlifted to hospital for life-saving surgery.
Khalid Mohsin Shaeri weighs 96 stone and hasn’t left his bedroom for two-and-a-half years. Rescuers had to demolish half his home to safely remove the giant bucket of lard, and a forklift truck was used to carry the porker to an ambulance.
Call us suspicious, but we suspect he doesn’t fast during the holy month of Ramadan.
Khalid was flown from the southern city of Jazan to a hospital in Riyadh on King Abdullah’s orders.
Minister of Health Dr Abdullah Al Rabeeah called the king’s efforts a “humanitarian gesture” – although we suspect Burger King would have been more use in getting the fat git out of bed.