ww_teenwolfFIRST the good news. It seems vampire chic is finally on its way out as young impressionable minds finally start to realise that this Twilight stuff is actually a load of hairy old nutsacks.
The bad news is, they’re now going for werewolf chic instead – although this may still be good news if you’re either Carlos ‘Blanka’ Tevez, Richard ‘hands of an ape’ Keys or Pete Sampras.
Apparently film-obssessed high school teens, with too much time and make up on their hands, have been wearing cats’ eye contact lenses, fangs and even fake tails to school.
The Sun also quotes one pupil who is described as a ‘pack leader’ saying: “You gain friends and you belong and indulge your wild side.”
At BBM we say, start stocking up on toilet paper. Logic dictates that dressing up like an Egyptian mummy will be the next big fashion statement, so if you want to be ‘down’ with the kids start practising your guttural groans and walking with your arms at a right angle to your body now.