cocksoup300A BOOK documenting the web’s most humorous URLs has just been released which gives us an excuse to make fun of things that we’re usually not allowed to.
In a cyberworld, where names are devoid of spaces and grammar, companies such as stationary makers The Pen Island or Big Al’s bowling alley have been dealt a cruel hand. Their websites can be visited at and
For those of you with a slightly darker sense of humour, why not visit (the former internet home of the Mole Station Nursery) or even (a therapy director).
Other gems include (Powergen for Italians), (for La Drape bedding company) and (a French website for tree surgeons).
The book is called They Called Their Website What? – but seeing as we’ve just told you all the funniest ones, we’d advise you to keep your money and use that copy of the Mx you picked up at the train station for toilet-reading material instead.