NEIGHBOURS in New York’s Lower East Side are raising a stink over the manure left on the streets thanks to the police horses that are patrolling the neighbourhood.

The police have claimed that the manure is “biodegradable” because the horse only eats hay and grain, but the locals have poo-pooed that suggestion.

“They leave a big buffet of shit, the same as dog shit – it’s smelly,” complained a local bouncer, as he scraped his shoe against the ground.

John Cafaro, a clubgoer from New Jersey, said that the police needed to cut the crap, “You can have a poodle and get a $250 fine. Cops will fine a regular citizen who has a dog that produces a fraction of the amount of feces.”

The Department of Sanitation have said it is not responsible for the clean-up of the horse manure, while the Police Department were too busy preparing for the shitight to comment on the situation.