bill gates happy steve jobs dead jokesSo you think it’s funny to make jokes about the dead? iDon’t. Steve, St. Kilda

Turns out an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, ay Steve? Mary, Surry Hills
Steve Jobs says, “The only way Apple devices will get Flash is over my dead body.”

So, Apple devices will have Flash by the end of next month. Tony, Paddington

Steve Jobs isn’t dead, he’ll be back in a few years with less physical features, and a slimmer, white model. Renee, Richmond

Steve Jobs is dead? And I thought Macs couldn’t get viruses! Luke, Bondi

I couldn’t give a shit if Steve Jobs is dead, he never did anything for me! – Via iphone. Mike, Adelaide

Steve Jobs is dead

How about them Apples. Tim, Freemantle

Has anyone seen Bill Gates recently? Will, Twickenham

Dear Friends,
I know it’s been a while but I’d like to invite you to a little shindig at my mansion. We’ll be drinking gold champagne, and eating diamond crusted caviar, as it looks like I will be making a lot more money soon.

Lots of love,
Bill. Francis, Farringdon


BBM would like to note that we’re not really happy about Steve Jobs being dead and we will continue to get our mac on as the Apple god intended.