Steel Panther Lose Their Balls!Everything about Steel Panther is pretty hilarious and a spoof in itself really; which is why they must be annoyed at the UK advertising authorities’ decision regarding their third album ‘Balls Out’. The band formerly known as Metal Skool have had their album cover for ‘Balls Out’ banned in the UK, which ties into their upcoming UK tour in March as it is overtly sexual and may cause offence amongst individuals.
The image (pictured) was meant to tie in with Panther’s ludicrously over the top persona, and their label Universal Records have denied that it is offensive to women. One charity Imkaan, which represents women from different backgrounds (now you see where this is going), have sent in numerous complaints about the way it portrays women as the women in their charity have suffered abuse and violence in their lives.
The best thing about the photo is how the balls are really steel. If anything, it shows women have the balls to do anything; more than the male members of Sex Panther they could be showing! Plus they do show the parental advisory logo on the bottom right hand side of the album cover, which could be the excuse Universal Records were looking for!

By Jason Barr

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