Milka gain new MascotThe Milka chocolate is very nice and tasty, but enough of my advertisement of chocolate and onto the even better Milka. A cow in Serbia has brought the image of the Milka cow to life as the calf is White AND Purple. The cow has certainly caused a massive impact on the town of Cacak in Serbia as the calf has become extremely popular with young children who have been visiting the barn to get a good luck vibe off of old Milka. The cow doesn’t have a name yet so that’s why I keep naming it Milka, plus it suits you have to admit.

The calf has been described as perfectly healthy and vets have suggested that the purple colouring is a matter of genetics. If you ask me this could be Milka (the company) painting a cow Purple to gain some publicity to get sales up in Serbia. Ok not to realistic, but it could be real you never know.

Although young Milka is one of a kind, it isn’t the first unusual Cow act in Serbia as last month a six year old calf gave birth to FOUR young cows, when Cows only naturally give birth to one offspring at a time. So if you want to believe in good luck, head over to Serbia.

By Jason Barr

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