Paranormal Activity 10: Princess Di's revenge?Oh god, they want to make another Paranormal Activity? Nope, they are performing one. Chinese Tourists have caught footage on camera of what they think could be the ghost of Princess Diana. The footage was taken at a church in Scotland and whilst the tourists were filming did not realise the glimpse of what looked like the former Princess of Wales briefly before disappearing a few seconds later off camera.

Paranormal enthusiast Michael Cohen had been sent the footage by the unnamed Chinese tourists and has been firmly looking into this ghostly act. He said ‘While we might not want nothing to do with the dead, perhaps some ghosts have unfinished business with us.’ So watch out Ali, Smokin Joe Frasier could turn up as a ghost for one last bout any time soon!

Cohen also went on to explain ‘Ghosts often appear in places connected to their lives and families. Ghosts might appear to warn individuals, groups and even entire nations of possible impending danger.’ And one true fact was that Princess Di spent a lot of time up in Scotland before passing away in 1997.

The footage will be screened on an upcoming TV series on paranormal activities so you can see the views of Michael Cohen then, but for now if you want to take a look at our lovely Princess Di (or an illusion) for one last time, then watch below to see the footage.

By Jason Barr

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