Dog Owner Charged. Dog walks freeA horrific attack happened in Chingford on Saturday as a 6 year old girl had her ear ripped off by a bulldog terrier, and now the dog’s owner Gary Hindley has pleaded guilty to assault charges. The dog and its owner Gary Hindley were arrested after the attack on Saturday. As questioning began on the dog, the interrogation was very tense. In the end the dog remained silent and still remains in custody. No comment on how long the terrier will spend behind bars but we will let you know as soon as we hear any updates.

The girl reportedly has bite marks on her ear, shoulder and neck and the dog only stopped the attack when the girl’s father repeatedly punched the animal until it let go of his daughter.

Hindley blamed the attack on the girl and her family saying they should’ve kept their children under control. The right thing to say after a 6 year old has been scarred for life. To make matters worse, he gave a false name and address and left after he was let out of custody. If you want to make it clear it wasn’t your fault ladies and gentleman, don’t follow suit.

Witness Terence Grundy had been key in explaining to the police what he saw, as he was in the park when he saw the family and the attack happening. We know the owner will be charged with failure to control an animal, but for the dog will he be charged for sexual assault against a minor? Who knows.

By Jason Barr

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