10 year old Dealer charged?A 10 year old arrested? Oh that’s nothing this day and age. He was arrested for farming Cannabis? Ok now attention has been grabbed. A 10 year old got arrested by the police for farming Cannabis in his own house. It is not known how long this operation has been going on for, but a tip off about a burglary forced the police to act and burst into the child’s drug ring.

The youngster was just one of 12,589 children under the age of 16 to have been arrested for drug-related offences in the past three years. Two ten year olds from Birmingham and Hereford had previously been charged with possessing cannabis and the number of youngsters caught possessing drugs since 2008 has risen from 13 to 29 per year. Well, if you think of that in a positive light the police have caught a lot more in the last year so well done to the Metropolitan Police!

Anyone aged between ten and fourteen can be convicted if it can be proved they knew what they were doing. So if this ten year old gives some puppy dog eyes and says he saw it off of Rastamouse, he would get let free obviously. Mind you, Scooby Doo might have to join in this investigation.

By Jason Barr

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