BBC AlienReports have stated that UFO’s were supposedly seen flying over the BBC offices in London, but were they really? More than likely not, you know how good people are at faking things on YouTube these days, but please judge for yourself with this video.

Two people and one camera man all filmed the strange happenings: including three white dots whizzing around in a triangle shape and a slower white moving object that circles and disappears. So are aliens trying to take over the BBC? Highly unlikely, we spotted them hanging around outside ITV HQ waiting for Simon Cowell.

The video appeared on YouTube and has many different comments underneath it. Many believe that they were there in Great Portland Street when it happened, which obviously makes it real, others are unconvinced saying Photoshop was used. Who do you think it is? Our money’s on the cheeky buggers diddling with videos, who clearly need to get out a teeny bit more.