AS everyone on the dating scene knows, meeting ‘The One’ doesn’t happen overnight.
Which is why when you click with someone you’ve just met, it’s important that you take your time and try and find out a bit about each other before going on a date.
That’s exactly what one chap in Ireland did this week – unfortunately he works for the Revenue helpline service and the girl of his dreams happened to be a caller who’d only rung up to find out some financial information.
She started getting a bit suspicious when he asked her “a lot of questions” about where she was living, if she was living alone and where her partner was living.
She reassured herself that she was talking to a government employee and thought no more about it – until she got a text 25 minutes later which read: “I was talking to you earlier. . .would you like to meet me sometime for dinner, pictures. . .”
Quicker than you can say ‘freaky bastard’ she’d called the gardai, who took a statement but did not press charges. Which is a bit crap really.