luke ming flanaganSOMEONE call Flash Gordon – Ming the Merciless is set to take over Ireland! Kind of.
And when we say ‘kind of’ we mean ‘not at all really’.
Instead it’s his half-brother, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, who has a serious chance of making his presence felt in the General Election, after becoming a surprise front runner for one of the three seats on offer in the Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency.
And instead of being a ruthless tyrant hell-bent on taking over the Universe, it seems Ming’s Irish sibling is more concerned with helping the country to recover.
The pro-cannabis comedy villain candidate has become one of the most successful local councillors in the country. Once laughed off as a joke, last June, he swept to the top position in his native county when he was elected mayor of Roscommon.
He also cut, voluntarily, his allowances to save the county money and took a 50 per cent cut in his formal mayoral allowance, a similar cut in his travel allowance and 100 per cent cuts in his foreign travel and conference allowances. And he wants the President, Taoiseach, ministers, other mayors and heads of government bodies to follow suit.
Ahh the precious politician’s allowances – no wonder everyone’s shit scared of him.