mary-mcaleese-1-sizedHEAR ye! Hear ye! A new decree has been issued, a new edict declared by those bigwig brainboxes in the Irish government . “Release the deranged killers!” they cry, and lo, there will has been done.
Yes convicted mentally-ill murderers are set to go back on the streets of Ireland thanks to a new law signed by Mary McAleese this week.
Ireland’s insanity laws were amended on December 22 last after repeated complaints by the Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board that a small number of patients who were suitable for release could not be set free because it had no legal powers to impose conditions on their release.
It is believed that one of the conditions imposed on the mentally ill convicts is to ensure they never take up a position as chief executive of a major Irish bank. The consequences are still being felt from the last time that happened.