Stacey Solomon JokesThings may be bad now, but at least Stacey Solomon can fall back on her job starring as the entire cast of the Lloyds Tsb adverts. Anna, St Kilda

Anyone else fancy putting a bet on Stacey Solomon to win the National this year? Jonah, Paddington

Stacey Solomon walks into a bar.
Bartender says ‘Hey.’
Stacey says ‘Sure.’ Rina, Kings Cross

What do you get if you cross Leona Lewis with a horse?
Stacey Solomon. Tim, Bondi

I’ve just seen a beautiful horse drawn carriage.
Stacey Solomon is fucking brilliant at Pictionary. Paul, Surry Hills

Stacey Solomon walks into a bar …
That’s 4 faults. Rob, Manly

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