squid in microwaveWe’ve done some things that we aren’t proud of. We’ve sold oregano and even held up an old lady with the finger in the jacket trick, but animal cruelty is something we will not stand for.

Some burglars having calling cards; ways of letting their victims know that they are just a link in a string of crimes by marking the plundered household with some kind of sign. However, in Reno, Nevada the burglars didn’t think it was enough just to rob the place, they had to hospitalise their victims too. No, the thieves didn’t do it with a gun, knife or bat, they did it with a squid and sent two residents of the burgled apartment complex to the hospital. The squid had been left in a microwave in the communal kitchen and the fumes made the two victims ill. Reno police said they weren’t sure if the squid was placed in the microwave as a prank or as an act of “anti-cephalopod cruelty.”

Police are still investigating the incident for some reason and won’t seem to swallow the fact that someone was stoned, had a hankering for cephalopod and forget they left it in the microwave.