Forget having churches and schools named after you, the symbol that somebody is “a somebody,” is to have a Facebook and Twitter account set up in your name.

Yes, saint-to-be, Mary Maa_956cKillop has finally joined the 21st Century, even though she’s been dead since 1909.

MacKillop is riding another wave of fame as the Catholic Church prepares to canonise her on October 17.

Along with the networking sites, which we’re sure she would’ve loved, MacKillop is being honoured in a pop song, which we’re sure was another one of her life long aspirations.

Australian singer-songwriter, Gary Pinto, has already released the song, Saint Mary MacKillop, on iTunes. Pinto said the main objective is to raise awareness of MacKillop’s life and work.

We’re not the most religious bunch around here, we haven’t been to church since six Christmas’s ago, but we can’t help but feel good that the Catholic Church has finally generated some news about itself that doesn’t involve the words “boys” and “molestation.”

God bless you Mary. Give us a poke when you get the chance.