webber-almost-grabs-poleFormula 1: Although Red Bull’s Mark Webber won the British Grand Prix last week, the victory wasn’t enough to placate the Aussie’s indignation at having been relegated to the ‘number two’ driver status behind Sebsatian Vettel (for those not in the know, there was one shiny new car part left ahead of the British GP and Vettel was deemed more worthy than Webber).
So team principal, Christian Horner, did what any caring boss would do to unite his feuding team: he organised a music jamboree at his Northamptonshire home.
According to reports, Webber and Vettel, who collided with each other in Turkey six weeks ago, put aside their rivalry to belt out some soft rock. Webber sang the Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69, while Vettel strummed Deep Purple’s Smoke On the Water.
The whole Red Bull team then linked arms, group hugged and sang Don McLean’s American Pie.
“We haven’t been offered any recording contracts and the neighbours will probably be complaining about the noise but everyone here let their hair down and celebrated the fact that we had just won the British grand prix and our 11th race in 88 attempts,” parped Horner about his excellent man-management skills.