georgeBaseball: Remember that guy, Steinbrenner, in Seinfeld, whose face we never saw but who was supposed to be the owner of the New York Yankees? He used to go off on crazy-as-bat-shit tangents, such as believing George Costanza to be a communist and therefore order him to Cuba to tap the local baseball player market.
Anyway, it turns out he really was the boss of the Yankees.
George Steinbrenner, who died last week at the age of 80, bought the team in 1973 and ushered in a new era of high spending for player talent, reviving what was a team in seemingly terminal decline.
Under his ownership, the Yankees won 7 World Series championships and increased the value of the club to $1.6 billion.
Steinbrenner had a reputation for firing people if they got so much as his lunch order wrong – essentially making Donald Trump look like a caring and understanding boss.
Even so, the Yankee chief allowed the Larry David-voiced caricature to feature in numerous episodes of Seinfeld alongside a long-suffering Costanza.
Anyone who can inspire such great comedy can’t have been so bad.