Six-Legged Swiss CowIs it wrong that our first reaction upon hearing about a six-legged cow was “I wonder what it tastes like?”. We don’t think so, after all we don’t support vegetarianism anyway.

Little Lilli the calf was born with two extra legs sprouting out of her back, and don’t say “aw, poor thing” it looks bloody rank, as does the footage of it galloping about and it jumping around with the things flailing about like a pair of floppy tallywackers caught in a breeze.

Lilli the calf however is now expected to have a bright future as her owners in Switzerland have said she will stay on the farm whether or not she can produce milk or not. We’re pretty sure that the legs aren’t going to affect her udders seeing as they’re on her back (gulp…bit of sick just came up there), however if the cow was ours we’d lop ’em off and sell them to the highest bidder on ebay.

Check out the video of Lilli below, however just make sure you’re not eating.

By Fanny Frangipane

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