Shreking-outShreking out

We all knew that one day Wayne Rooney’s nearly human disguise would slip off and the ogre would come charging out in a fit of rage and madness. After shagging that prossie Juicy Jeni behind poor old Coleen’s back, the couple recently embarked on a nice relaxing holiday in Dubai to celebrate the England striker’s 25th birthday and his £250,000-a-week contract with Manchester United, sadly things took a turn for the worst as the couple dined in a fancy steak house and decided to have a blazing row for all to see. Onlookers could tell the atmosphere was cold between the couple, but during the argument a glass got smashed and it all just sounds a bit embarrassing. Perhaps these two should just stay in doors until they’ve worked out all the kinks in their relationship, instead of unleashing their havoc on innocent holiday-makers.