sounds-like-heart-break-to-usSounds like heart break to us

25-year-old British actress Carey Mulligan has reportedly been staying at a budget £69 a night Best Western hotel following her split from actor douche Shia Labeouf – after he was linked to British stunner model Rosy Huntington-Whitely. Admittedly much hotter than Carey Mulligan, we still feel sorry for the poor lamb. Hotel staff have said that she seems down and tired when she returns home from filming in the evening and eats in her rooms most nights. Mulligan apparently wants to move back to Britain a.s.a.p. And we’re gathering the budget hotel move is down to not wanting to be bothered by the press, however if we were earning £3.5 million a film, we’d buy a few wigs and stay somewhere nice. Either way it sounds like she needs her chums and home life to us, poor little Hollywood starlet.