She's ringing the bankerShe’s “ringing the banker”
BBM longs for the day when Noel Edmonds suffers a long overdue mental breakdown and suddenly says “I’d like to open your box love! Phwoar!” while hosting Deal Or No Deal. Ideally, he’d also do the “she’d have it” arm swing while gurning into the camera.
There is, after all, only so much amusement BBM can derive from watching a poor pensioner urged to gamble away $20,000 by a baying crowd only to end up with 10p.
But wait? What’s this? It appears BBM’s wish may be about to come true following new contestant Jeanette Burton’s appearance on the show.
She looks normal enough… 37-year-old mum, demurely dressed in a blouse and tank top. It says she’s a photographer on her application.
But she is in fact, a porn star. She even has her own website, Jenny 69, featuring sexy snaps of her in lingerie and selling self-starring hardcore videos.
While The Sun doesn’t specify what sexual acts are involved, BBM likes to think there’s one of Jen being drilled by a tidy-bearded Edmonds lookalike who yells “the game’s reached a crucial stage!” before firing his yoghurt chucker all over her love puds.