Arson about faceArson about face
HAPLESS criminals. Where would BBM be without them? We’ve written about more than our fair share of witless villains over the years but it seems we have a new undisputed champion when it comes to criminal ineptitude.
His name is Amir Ali, a 28-year-old attempted arsonist who’s attempts to set fire to pub in Crawley were so comical it had officers studying the CCTV footage laughing their tits off.
The footage starts with Amir trying to throw bricks through the pub window – only for them to bounce harmlessly back off the glass. The idiot then stood next to the pub as another thug threw a firebomb at the door. Again it bounced back – and blew up in Amir’s face.
Temporarily blinded, and partially on fire, Amir panicked and ran head first into a nearby lamppost, falling flat on his back.
He then went straight to the medical drop-in centre just around the corner – where he was unsurprisingly picked up within minutes by police. Idiot.
Sentencing him, Recorder John Hardy QC told him his offence was at the top end of the scale – despite the fact his ineptitude had thankfully meant it was doomed to failure.