bulldog_beauty_queenIT’S A well known fact that some English counties generally have better-looking people than others. There’s just something in the gene pool make up. A certain je nais ce quoi of geography and genetics.

Basically, we’re talking about inbreeding.

BBM might be a big hairy man, for example, but even we’d have a shot at winning Miss Norfolk (pictued) given the three-eared standard of most of the women there.

And Cornwall might be a beautiful place to live, but there’s always a whiff of the ‘family’ loving about a county so isolated from the rest of us.

Laura Anness obviously felt the same way after deciding to apply for the Miss Cornwall competition, despite being three years older than the age limit and living in Devon. The English teacher duly won – but was then stripped (unfortunately not literally) of her title when organisers discovered her shameless web of lies.

“I feel sorry for her, she’d been entering these contests for years and never won, and now she has finally won she gets her title taken from her,” organiser Becky Chapman said.