JordanONCE a chav, always a chav. No matter how much money she throws at things, Katie Price still manages to reside in a pit of tacky gypo chaos.

Things turned nasty this weekend at Katie and Alex Reid’s farce of a wedding when security guards decided to beat the crap out of the paps awaiting her arrival outside of the church. Due to the strict regulations with ITV2 having shelled out a million pounds to televise the fake wedding, when photographers arrived outside of the church in Woldingham, Surrey they were beaten to the ground and had their cameras smashed.

What’s more is the saddo members of the public who turned up to try and steal a glimpse of the walking blow up doll were left in tears at the chaotic scenes. Basically, if you will whore out your wedding for cash, then you’re kind of asking for it.

Now let’s all start looking forward to some shit reality tv program about her new married life with Alex and then a nice highly public divorce in about 10 months.