paris   hilton

Paris, Paris, Paris, we do admire that you have so much money that you often just think you can do whatever the fuck you like, but this is just pure silliness.

The airhead-heiress decided to have a little tokey on a doobie in the middle of a packed football stadium during a World Cup match – no really she did. The bimbo was then escorted by police to a local station in South Africa, she was eventually released but whether or not she is to be charged is still hanging in the balance.

You would think after already being sent to jail for DUI’s she’d learn to maybe try and stay on the legal side of the law, or perhaps she really is that dumb that she doesn’t realize she’s doing anything wrong.

Either way, we quite like the thought of her being locked up again so we don’t have to suffer the dross that falls out of her gob. Do the right thing South Africa and make an example out of her.