Senile Pensioner Spends Hours Circling M25A clearly senile pensioner spent a whopping two days and two nights driving around the M25 like an idiot after getting lost on his way to his daughter’s.

The 82-year-old’s worried family even reported him missing before the doddering old fool was finally found by police still at the wheel of his Vauxhall Estate.

Disorientated Dennis Leighton set off on the hour-long journey to Swanley, Kent, but ended up going around in circles.

“He got a little bit lost but was found safe and well in the early hours of the morning,” a Thames Valley Police spokesman said.

Easily-confused Dennis spent two days trying to find his way to his daughter’s house which was only 55 miles from his home in Windsor.

Neighbours of Mr Leighton said he was in hospital receiving treatment, believed to be for hypothermia. Let’s just hope he was also suffering from constipation – the idea of a pensioner locked in a car with only his bowels for company hardly bears thinking about.

But despite his ineptitude, dippy Dennis still fell short of the worst case of driving under the influence of dementia. That record is still held by 72-year-old Mohammed Bellazrak, who last December spent three days driving nearly 2,000 miles for what should have been a 120-mile round trip.

He set off down the M4 for Heathrow shortly before Christmas but went to Gatwick, when wife Latifa’s departure was switched to the Surrey airport.

His nightmare ended at 2pm, Christmas Day, when he triggered a camera in Oxford and cops flagged him down. That’s what happens when old farts get too comfortable in the middle lane.

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