Chesterfield Woman Wins Compensation from Overtly Sexist EmployerA supplies firm in Chesterfield have come up with an innovative new way to decide who to hire at interviews – choose the one with the biggest tits.

Unfortunatly for them, Cathelco’s new method has been frowned on by an employment tribunal, which also took issue with the fact blokes at the firm used office computers to trawl websites selling blow-up dolls and other sex toys and one chased a woman round the office and spanked her on his knee. It is unsure whether the chase was accompanied by the Benny Hill music and featured a bald man being repeatedly slapped on the head.

Oddly enough, one woman at the company wasn’t happy and has just been awarded compensation for constructive dismissal. Angelina Ashby started work for the company in June 2003 and picked up the nickname Angel.

Despite a promotion, she felt ostracised by her treatment by other male workers, which forced her to take anti-depressants. In one instance, she leant over a colleague’s desk to collect teacups and another sales executive said: “Never mind Pete, you have Angel’s tits in your face.”

“I have been turned into someone who is completely lacking in self-confidence and is depressed and no longer the vibrant person I was,” said Angelina.

Quite rightly, the 41-year-old mum-of-one was awarded £26,000 for her shameful sexist treatment at Cathelco.

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