As the referendum comes close to a conclusion we at BBM want to shed some light on the more humorous side to the whole debate. So take a minute out of your endless bickering over whether we need the UK need the Scots or let them be free to enjoy some harmless banter. Here are the best Scottish Independence Jokes to lighten to mood. 
Q. What do you call a Scottish player in the first round of the World Cup?
A. The Referee!

Prank Passport Border Check

Glaswegian lad shared his views on the referendum, “If Scotland leave the UK I hope we move to somewhere a lot warmer”

Always go for the mystery box
Always go for the mystery box

Gladys was caught in the middle and didn’t know which side to go with. She couldn’t decide about giving a shit or couldn’t give a fuck!
It’s a major shock that the Sottish are voting on a referendum on their independence when so many of them are dependent on drugs or alcohol.
Queen Scots Independent
If Scotland becomes independent from the UK, then when Andy Murray loses another major tournament then there’s no doubt about him being Scottish

Television Once There’s A Free Scotland

Scottish TV
The Scots will be as independent as a university student is. When shit hits the fan they’ll be straight on the phone to mummy asking for a hand out.
And finally, a man finds a piece of chicken at KFC that demonstrates what the UK will look like if Scotland choose to say yes.

Not going to lie, we like the look of that!
Not going to lie, we like the look of that!