Scorpions Used To Evict TenantsWe’ve heard of some shitty landlords in our time but this really takes the digestive chocolate biscuit. (ooh someone’s not on a diet are they!)

Residents in Shenzen, China, were rudely awakened by scorpions crawling all over their homes and their bodies in some cases, when “apparently” a real estate developer, in an attempt to force evictions, unleashed 110 lbs of living, stinging scorpions! It is believed that the real estate developers were trying to force evictions so they could start a more financially favourable project with the land, however the sitting tenants are still awaiting financial compensation.

Rumours are circulating that next on the list is a swarm of locusts and a plague of frogs will be visiting in the Shenzen area of China.

Good luck guys, have you heard of gumtree? Best get looking.

By Fanny Frangipane

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