Talking Urinals Introduced To Stop Drink DrivingA bar in detroit have launched talking urinals in a bid to cut down on drink driving, with today’s Independence Day celebrations in mind.

The talking urinals are activated by a motion sensor and then, from what we can tell, and awful whiney American voice say’s “Have you had a few too many, call a cab.” And then it patronisingly reminds you to wash your hands.

Basically if a piss hole started giving us backchat we’d most likely turn around and crap in it. No, no, of course we wouldn’t. (Probably just be sick in it instead)

Whether or not the talking urinal is going to be a success or not is still unknown, but we think it’d maybe more effective if it sensed you had your car keys on you and had an Inspector Gadget type arm thing that comes round the side of the urinal and takes them off you, whilst Mr T’s voice shouts something offensive at you.

…BBM should have been an inventor!


By Goldie Fleming

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