Rodman's Radio (Gossip)MEDICALLY insane basketballer-turnedbasketcase Dennis Rodman (pictured. No seriously, that’s really him) has proven himself as a real multi-tasker, calling into a radio station during sex.

He called in to Miami’s Jorge Sedano Show on Tuesday morning to talk about sport, but things soon turned too inappropriate for breakfast radio when the host heard a woman moaning and groaning in the background.

Quizzed by Sedano on the commotion, Rodman warned: “You sure you wanna know?” before confessing that “she is going at it right now… it is awesome.”

It wasn’t long before somebody alerted his publicist, who sent the following pre-written
apology. “Dennis was clearly intoxicated and doesn’t remember much. He wants to apologise to his family, friends and fans, and says it was a bad day for his ongoing alcohol issues.”

As for his sexual issues? It was a bloody top day! Or bottom day, depending on
his preference.