Not a Cole lotta (Gossip)AND now for something completely different, Cheryl Cole is under strife for her X-Factor performance.

Cheryl is more than happy to dish out the criticism when sat in her judge’s chair but she appears less than happy to show off her own vocal talents whenever she performs on X Factor.

Last year, she received the traditional complaints to OFCOM for appearing to mime during her performance of Fight For This Love, so you would think that she learnt her lesson and sung live this series.

Bzzzz, wrong.

Cheryl was once again attacked for not singing live when she performed Promise This. She didn’t even take to the stage during the live Sunday results show, recording her performance 40 minutes earlier.

Then again things could be worse, she could be Nadine Coyle. Coyle’s album Insatiable has only sold 5450 copies in the UK.